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The cost to apply for a trade mark will always depend on the number of classes of goods or services you want to apply for. The Trade Marks Office segregates goods and services into certain classes. To see what classes may be applicable to your trade mark, click here.


Prior to filing, we always recommend that a search is conducted. It’s a great way to determine
whether your trade mark will be likely to succeed in registration and can save you money in the long run.
Depending on your budget, we have the following search options (prices are exclusive of GST):














Here’s a brief run-down of what each type of search involves:


Service Basic: Advanced:
Search of the Australian Trade Marks Register (the Register) for exact match trade marks?
Investigate ownership and use of the identical registered trade marks found on the Register?
Search of the Register for numerous similar variations of your trade mark?
Investigate ownership and use of any similar registered trade marks found on the Register?
Searches of numerous directories including ASIC, ARBN Lookup, White and Yellow Pages, amongst others to determine whether any other party has unregistered rights in relation to your trade mark in Australia?
Investigate similar unregistered trade marks used in relation to similar goods or services?
Registration Guarantee*?

* We will provide you with a Registration Guarantee if our experts search results come up clear. This means, if your trade mark is rejected by the Trade Marks Office, our experts will file your second trade mark application free of charge (excluding Government fees which are still payable).


The trade mark application fee is payable when you apply and enables us to file your trade mark with
the Government. Unlike some of our competitors, we pride ourselves on having lawyers and trade
mark attorneys prepare your trade mark application for filing rather than using the Government’s ‘pick
list’ or any automated software system.

The fees are, per one class trade mark (GST exclusive):

Government fees
Legal Fees

If you wish to proceed with a trade mark that has more than one class, the fees above will increase
by $520 (excl. GST) per class (comprising of $330 in Government fees and $190 in professional fees).

Opposition or Objection


If, during the trade mark application process:

(a) The Trade Marks Examiner objects to your trade mark application; and/or (b) A third party opposes your trade mark application, then our experts will have to charge on an hourly rate. The hourly rate is listed below under “Other Charges”. If your trade mark application is objected to or opposed, our experts will notify you and advise you of the likely time needed to overcome the objection or opposition before proceeding. Only once you have confirmed you want to proceed, will our experts incur the costs.

Please see our FAQ Page for more information about how, when and why your trade mark application might be opposed or objected to.



We offer trade mark watching services that allow you to be periodically updated about confusingly
similar trade mark applications lodged on the Trade Marks Register.

Our fees for arranging this are

UP TO 10
trade marks
trade mark
excess of 10


We also offer this service internationally. If this is of interest to you, please let us know and we will
provide you with a quote. Please note that fees are charged on a time spent basis, but the above
provides an outline of the usual cost of trade mark watching.


Other FEES


Unlike some of our law firm friends, Title Trade Marks™ experts will never send you an invoice without you first approving the costs.  In addition to the listed services above, our experts offer the following services to our valued clients:

Renewal of Trade Mark (first class) $190 (plus $400 Government fees)
Renewal of Trade Mark (each additional class) $90 (plus $400 Government fees)
Late fees if not renewed on time (up to six months) $145 per month, per class
Drafting a Deed of Assignment to transfer ownership of a trade mark $290
Hourly rate (oppositions or objections) $250 per hour
Expedited Examination $250
Keep your private details off the public trade marks register $290 then $90 per year thereafter
Change of Address noted on Trade Marks Register $90
Change of Owner noted on the Trade Marks Register if currently private $90
Cancellation or withdrawal of trade mark after applying $50
Address for Service fees $90 per year
Headstart Trade Mark Application (first class) $550 (plus $330 Government fees)
Headstart Trade Mark Application (each additional class) $190 (plus $330 Government fees)

Please note that we may change the fee schedules from time to time as a result of Government fees changing. We will endeavour to ensure you are notified of any fee changes when they occur.

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