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At Title Trade Marks™ we want to live in a world where the best quality specialist advice is accessible to everyone from our lean start up clients to top end corporates. By virtue of our years’ of experience in intellectual property, our trade mark experts are able to provide to you much more no matter who you are.

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Trade mark advice is provided by a registered Australian Legal Practitioner or Trade Marks Attorney. Our experts specialise in trade marks so you know you are getting the best bespoke professional advice.

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We do not think that great quality legal services should be cost prohibitive. The fees we charge are among the lowest in the industry. We have done this by focusing on contracting great quality Title Trade Marks experts without the expensive overheads like high end office spaces.



We pride ourselves on customer service. We want to make the trade mark protection process as easy and painless as possible for you. Our experts pay careful personal attention to your needs and will not leave you to draft your own trade mark application using a ‘pick list’ or automatic system.



If you first conduct an Advanced Search for your trade mark with us, we will provide you with a Registration Guarantee if your search results come up clear! Click here for more details.

"We were formerly working with one of Melbourne's renowned TM Law firms, but after being introduced to Kate we were very impressed with her approach and decided to move our business across. Since moving our business to Title Trade Marks, their team have been able to find a number of holes in our current processes, and Title Trade Marks have been able to secure trade marks which were previously unapproved. Title Trade Marks' service has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing our business with them."
Alex McBride
Founder of The 5TH watches
“From day one when we first reached out to Title Trade Marks for help with protecting our brand, our Title Trade Marks lawyer has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly organised, and clearly explaining the entire process and costs involved, Title Trade Marks has made a daunting process incredibly easy for us. Highly recommend Title Trade Marks to any other businesses!”
David Oosterloo
Founder of Bali Body
"Title Trade Marks were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were completely transparent with the costs involved, the process we needed to go through and our lawyer even provided advice beyond that of their required role. I highly recommend Title Trade Marks! I have already passed Title Trade Marks’ details on to several business owners I know and will continue to do so, having received such stellar service from them."
Emily Highfield
Founder of Huntrlnd
“We loved working with Title Trade Marks! They made us feel so comfortable and secure when we were in unfamiliar territory and their services were seamless. Title Trade Marks devoted all the time we needed to us and made us feel very safe and secure with the journey we were about to embark on. Neena could not be possible without their continued help and support. Could not recommend this business enough!”
Linda Weatherlake
Founder of Neena
“We have worked with Title Trade Marks over the last year, not only to secure and protect our brand but also for other legal advice for our business. In all matters, our lawyer has been a pleasure to deal with, always incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and if our queries have been out of her field of expertise she was diligent in finding others who could assist. Our Title Trade Marks lawyer always conducts herself with utmost professionalism and will to go the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcomes. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Title Trade Marks with any matters regarding securing and protecting their brand.”
Alysha Dutton
Founder of JAK Organics
"I can't recommend Title Trade Marks highly enough. I’ve been working with Title Trade Marks for a couple of years now, I love how approachable, patient and efficient our lawyer is, nothing ever seems to be a trouble to them making the TM process super easy! Great communication and customer service, I wouldn't use anyone else!"
Zoe Joseph
Founder of BridgingAll
“Collaborating with Title Trade Marks was a seamless and positive experience given my little knowledge of this complex process! Liaising with the team was simple and uncomplicated, as the step by step process of how to trade mark was explained thoroughly and at each stage I was provided with an update as to how it was progressing. I feel 100% assured that the best interests for my brand are always put first. I will be using Title Trade Marks for any further trade mark enquiries for our brand and recommend them for anyone looking for assistance in this area!”
Harmony Lam
Founder of Hexie

How it works

Below you will find a basic run-down of what’s involved. If you would like a more detailed outline you can learn more about Trade Mark Searches and Trade Mark Applications below.

The Trade Mark APPLICATION ProcesS



Just complete our easy online form and your Title Trade Marks expert will start drafting your trade mark application.

You Approve


When your trade mark application has been finessed, your Title Trade Marks expert will email you a copy to approve to ensure it’s perfect.



After you approve, your trade mark is filed. An examiner from the Trade Marks Office will then review your trade mark and notify us in three to four months whether it is accepted or not.



If accepted, your trade mark is open to third-party objections for a period of two months.



If unopposed, your trade mark is then registered for 10 years.

At Title Trade Marks™, we will do everything we can to help your trade mark application sail through the application process smoothly.

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